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january 7, 2024

Increase in leads

Leads are up consistently each year since we started working together.

01. Project Background

O Salvus Limited, a distinguished automotive brand, sought to elevate its digital presence and innovation. Partnering with our 10x digital marketing expertise, we aimed to position Salvus as an industry leader, expanding its online reach and enhancing lead generation capabilities.

02. The Solution

O Our comprehensive solution for Salvus Limited served as a digital bridge to success, seamlessly integrating social media management, web content enhancement, WhatsApp integration, logo design, company profile development, brand guideline creation, photoshoot coordination, paid advertising, and SEO strategies. This holistic approach propelled Salvus to new heights in the digital landscape, fostering industry leadership and significantly boosting lead volumes.

Web Development

salvus limited 1160x870 1 | 10x Digital Ventures

Brand Guidlines

Untitled design 42 | 10x Digital Ventures

Mug Mockup

Untitled design 40 | 10x Digital Ventures

T-Shirt Mockup

Untitled design 39 | 10x Digital Ventures

Letter Head

Untitled design 41 | 10x Digital Ventures

Business Card

Untitled design 36 1160x580 1 | 10x Digital Ventures

Office Boards

Untitled design 37 1160x677 1 | 10x Digital Ventures

Product Shoot

Untitled design 43 | 10x Digital Ventures

03. The Results

O Witnessing a remarkable transformation, Salvus Limited transitioned from social media silence to soaring success. Our strategic interventions, spanning web content, WhatsApp integration, logo design, company profile development, brand guidelines, photoshoots, paid ads, and SEO, propelled Salvus into a prominent digital presence, marking a substantial increase in success metrics.

Increase in leads


of leads were conquest


increase in campaign traffic