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Cracking the Code: Why Power Businesses Face Online Obstacles

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At 10X Digital Ventures, we’ve noticed something interesting while working with various businesses, including big, well-established ones. Many of these powerful companies find it tough to succeed in the online world. Let’s break down why we think this happens.

1. Sticking to Old Ways

One thing we’ve seen is that big companies often don’t like to change. Additionally, they’ve been successful for a long time using traditional methods, so they’re hesitant to adapt to the fast-paced online world. Consequently, this resistance can make it hard for them to connect with today’s tech-savvy consumers.

2. Being Slow to React

Big companies usually have complex structures that make it hard to move quickly. But online success demands agility because things change fast here. When a big company can’t pivot and adjust its online strategies swiftly, it can get left behind.

3. Underestimating the Competition

The online world is super competitive, with lots of startups and digital-savvy businesses fighting for attention. Big companies sometimes underestimate this competition, thinking their reputation alone will guarantee success. But online success needs more than just a famous name.

4. Not Focusing on Customers

Successful online businesses prioritize their customers first. However, this is where big companies sometimes stumble. Moreover, they might forget to build a strong online community, personalize their marketing, or provide quick customer support. Consequently, this oversight can disconnect them from their online audience.

5. Online Strategies That Don’t Fit

We’ve seen big companies use online strategies that don’t match their strengths and values. This can lead to mixed branding and messaging, confusing potential customers and eroding trust.

6. Spending Too Much or Too Little

Finding the right balance in online investments is crucial. Some big companies spend too much on digital efforts without a clear plan for making money online. Others don’t invest enough, expecting instant results without giving their online efforts the resources they need.

7. Ignoring the Data

Smart online strategies use data and analytics to make decisions. But some big companies don’t use these tools enough. They miss out on valuable insights that could help them grow and improve online.


At 10X Digital Ventures, we’ve seen these common challenges faced by big companies in the online world. Despite having many strengths, big companies need to understand that online success requires a different approach. To thrive online, they need to be open to change, act quickly, and put their customers first.

By addressing these challenges, big companies can position themselves for success online. Furthermore, we believe that by recognizing and working on these issues, these companies can stay relevant and successful in our fast-changing business world.

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